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Open Studios this weekend!

Come see an installation of documentation from Becoming Dragon this Saturday, April 4th, from 2-8pm at UCSD! It will include video documentation, digital prints and a 3d fabrication of my dragon avatar.


3 Minute Documentation Video

I prepared this for another festival submission. I’m working on a longer video for Open Studios on April 4th at UCSD. Come out and see it! Until then, enjoy this…

Becoming Dragon, 3 Minute Documentation from azdel slade on Vimeo.


Becoming Dragon on cover of the San Diego Reader and at Open Studios

Guess who’s on the cover of the San Diego Reader this week? ME! So pick up a copy and check it out, or read it online here and leave the author a comment!

I’m very happy, and very annoyed with this article on the cover of this week’s issue of the major San Diego weekly publication. I’m happy that the project is getting so much exposure. I’m very unhappy that the author chose to ignore my choice of pronouns, present the whole project as some mad scientist project “at tax payer’s expense” and put a ridiculous picture on the cover instead of one of the many photos and second life screenshots from the performance. At least the author had the courage to admit at the end of the article that I told him what pronouns to use and that he chose not to. Overall, I think that he quoted me at length, and accurately, on the core issues on the performance, which I really appreciate.

Also, if you’d like to see documentation of Becoming Dragon, life size, up close and personal, come to Open Studios at UCSD next Saturday, April 4th!


Short Video Documentation

I made this very short 2 minute video about Becoming Dragon. I’m working on a much longer version, but this was for a show submission so it had to be short and to the point. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Becoming Dragon, 2 minute video documentation from azdel slade on Vimeo.


More RL photos of Becoming Dragon

Here are some more real life photos of Becoming Dragon, including the last few days, the closing party and the very last moments of the performance.


2 days later

Hello everyone,

The end of the performance was wonderful. Friends stayed in world until the very end. I am so grateful to everyone.

It is two days after the perfomance and I feel much better. I saw my doctor and my blood pressure is a little high and my vision is back to 20/20. I don’t feel 100% better, but mostly better. I think it’ll only be a few days.

I just wanted to post this video that calit2 made. Enjoy…

Watch it in HD here! (It looks much better in HD)


thoughts on becoming, day 16

Something came to me yesterday that is important to me, and forgot to tell people many times, so I’m posting it here.

Many times people have asked me if I feel more like a dragon, and now that I’m coming to the conclusion of the performance, I’m sure the question will come up even more. An important part of this performance to remember is that it about Becoming almost more than it is about Dragon.

What I intended to do with this performance was to look closely at becoming and transition, and someone like myself who is permanently in transition, not on a trajectory towards an end point, not in a teleology, but inhabiting and exploring the liminal state as much as possible.

This is part of why the Shamanic tradition was interesting to me and has become very important to me, in relation to performance in particular, as a practice of entering a liminal state.

So, when someone asks me if I feel more like a dragon now, my answer should be something like this. Yes, I do growl, snarl and roar more ften in response to questions, and I do so by calling up my Heads Up Display and pressing the button for growl, snarl or roar. I have been exploring the state of becoming by inhabiting the liminal space of Second Life. So, as a Second Life dragon, I can shapeshift by calling up forms from my inventory, I can teleport to places by activating landmark cards I have been given and I can make my body glow by going into the build window and increasing the glow value to 0.50. I do feel more like someone who is becoming dragon using virtual worlds, I am used to dealing with my heavy VGA and USB twisted tail, and am used to the soreness of my forehead, nose and eyes.

Just as with gender, I am interesting in exploring and inhabiting forms and modes of being outside of the binary, just as I am not male or female, I’m not human or dragon, but a Second Life dragon, or being-dragon-in-second-life, to think of heidegger and modes of being in the world, or the multiplicity of virtual dragons unfolding from potentality into and from the plane of immanence, to invoke Deleuze and Guattari.


afternoon day 6

Today is day 6 of becoming dragon. Again, I feel that its a real accomplishment ot have made it this far.

Day 5 was hard. Very hard. There was a big performance symposium at ucsd, with performances going on all day all around campus, so most mf support people were occupied with that most of the day. At 6pm I told the people who were here for hte performance that I didn’t need any real food, just snacks, because I thought that other support people would be back soon.

I also have this persistent experience that I’m not hungry. I think its a combination of not burning many calories in here, being distracted by SL all day and having my body on a kind of alert mode because whenever I take off the visor I’m pretty dizzy and my face is very sore and red.

So, around midnight I realized that I hadn’t eaten or drank much of anything since 6pm, so I called some friends who showed up around 12:30 with food. By 11:30, I was starting to feel very bad, disoriented, tired and grumpy. People were still being so generous and taking me to amazing places, but really, by the time I got to Teal to see the Second Life servers recreated in SL by Jopsy Pendragon, I felt pretty confused when I arrived there. It probably didn’t help matter much that I was hanging out with Kathryna watching Dragonball Z explosions that filled the screen for about half an hour.

By the time I ate, I was seriously tired and the food mostly made me feel full in a gross way. Fortunately, once I took off the hmd, brushed my teeth, washed my face and laid down to sleep, I started feeling better. This morning I felt much better after a good night’s sleep, even though I generally feel dizzy when I first open my eyes in the mornings now.

Still, day 5 had great moments. I deeply enjoyed doing another poetry reading for “Something is Happening” and there was a good sized audience here IRL. I read “notes on becoming, 2mg of estradiol” ( and “between questions now and answers then” ( I did the reading at The Nameless Isle ( whic corresponds so well with the notion I’m exploring of how we can think about subjects in transition that we don’t hav names and labels for, subjects that are valid but don’t have nameable identities. Perhaps I’ll tyr writing some more poetry today, some immersion poetry, full of distraction and overstimulation and bodily discomfort…

I spoke to a trans persno who lives in the south of wales, they said they live in a very country town and that they like the fact that I’m a dragon because dragons are shapeshifters. They like that idea because they change genders numerous times a day, because they said that if people in their town knew they were trans they would likely be “beaten to an inch of death”. It was again like the tgirl from Missisipi, showing that SL can be a place for social connections which are not possible IRL.

I also got invited to a goth club by a friend who’s new to SL. I pole danced until I got kicked out by the bouncer, apparently only paid performers can be on stage. She later invited me to an S&M dungeon, which I went to for a bit, but I felt rather out of place, since a dragon doesn’t fit on the torture table anyway, and I left soon after I arrived.

I also visited the “one thousand and one” knights of sand arabian sim, where the second person in my time here told me that I am a sexy dragon. That was interesting to me, because it seems to me like dragons are mostly outside of the anthropomorphic economy of sex in Second Life. Sandy Stone asked how a dragon gender fits in with desire, and apparently that is how. Perhaps it is the sleekness or the shape, or the color or the notion fo dragons as powerful? The person from wales told me that becoming dragon was interesting in contrast to changing gender because dragons seem to be respected, while people changing genders are commonly lose respect from many.

Ok, enough blogging for now. Come and visit me. I’m adding additions and objects to my space in SL. I’m happy to say that the motion capture and head tracking are both working again this morning. I think I may be working out a system for having the motion capture be more reliable.


Visit the performance space in SL

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