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Two new looks for today, in Midian City

…dreaming of wong kar wai’s scifi films and donna haraway’s companion species manifesto, here are a few shots from Midian City…

Check these out at

I hope the local nekos will play nice…

I couldn’t decide which post I liked better, but I wish I had some more gun pointing poses.

The boardwalk is always busy and you can usually find people here who are bruised and cut up from battles in these streets. I took a moment to dream about wong kar wai films. The hair is Sense Hair from AVZ. I also got a new skin because the old one was a bit too grey for me.


Some recent pics of me, Azdel Slade

Here are two snapshots I took today inside the awesome sculpture outside of Deviant Kitties. I think it’s a String Theory sculpture. I couldn’t decide which pose was better so I included both.


Visit the performance space in SL

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