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The Body is Given

I recently wrote this in a comment and liked it enough to repost it here…

…I also wonder, though, how much of these negative feelings about yourself are related to your weight? It’s is so awful how women are so often forced to evaluate themselves according to the ridiculous beauty standards that the media presents, and you talk about weight as a significant indicator of your improved mental state.

I do think there is something deeper at play that really deserves attention, in the fact that our bodies are given, in the way Heidegger says that being es gibt, is given, or even with the idea of the body as Gestell, as a framework we’re forced to work with. It seems like a major issue in people’s attraction to Second Life, to be able to inhabit a different form. I wonder how much of our self is biologically determined, as much as I don’t want to think that it is, modern technology is still very limited in what can be done to change the body.

Your discussion of magick and alchemy is so exciting to me. I’ve found myself a lot more interested in these things at the same time as I’m gaining interest in Second Life, while at the same time remaining critical of both. I’d love to hear more about Jung though, because I feel like a lot of contemporary thinkers who are still willing to engage with Freud are not willing to cite Jung. I find things like Tarot to be useful ways of thinking about things in the way that a dog walks towards another dog in an arc, as a way of trying to stir up my unconscious thoughts and feelings about a question I may have…


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