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I Am Transreal []

Published on _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ today, july 28th. I’m so glad to be back on I really love mez’s writing and thinking as well as the other authors there. Its a great site, so check out the other articles as well, after you read mine!

_I am Transreal_: A Reflection On/Of Becoming Dragon [Part 1]

I am transreal. Look at me. When you do, a million iridescent scales across my dragon hide flick, move and align to create a multiplicity of perceptions, transversal illusions and realities cutting through each other, intersecting, dancing. Look at me. You see a shimmering of my fantasies and yours, a convergence of your minute sensory events, your imaginary constructs and my desires. Look at me. The mythopoetic elements of your reality and mine come into contact, unwind and become a recombinant event of male and female and something else, something more, for just an instant. Perhaps after that initial instant, one of your myths takes over your perception and you decide that you understand, but before that, I instill confusion and doubt. I can see it on your face… read more at


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