Two brief reviews of Becoming Dragon

Nice to get some positive feedback on my project…

While this review of Supersonic 2009 is harsh, the reviewer, an artist and arts administrator, had nice things to say about my piece, which I appreciate. Read the rest at marshallastor.com

Supersonic 2009 - Micha Cardenas - Becoming Dragon - UCSD - detail

“Above – Micha Cardenas, UCSD, Becoming Dragon. This is described as “a mixed reality, durational performance in Second Life”. Cardenas’ is experimenting with a transitional experience in the virtual world that in a limited fashion mirrors her own transitional experience as someone undergoing hormone therapy as a percursor to sexual reassignment surgery. There has actually been some debate and argumentation about whether furries or other folks who identify more as animals, including fantastic animals, like dragons, should qualify for some kind of special rights status akin to the arguments made for the rights of transgendered individuals. Out of all of the projects at Supersonic, this struck me as the most mature, the most developed exploration of an idea, combined with action on the part of the artist.

Virtual Worlds and the art that occurs in them are still in their infancy, and this is probably the most interesting virtual world performance art/action that I’ve come across. ”

There’s one more brief review here with a hilarious JJ fad video too!


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