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Becoming Dragon in “@” show at the College Art Association conference

I’m presenting documentation of Becoming Dragon in this show. Come out and see it Thursday night if you’re up in LA at CAA! I created a new installation using the chat logs from the performance. Come check it out! You can also attend the opening and the exhibition in Second Life at Ars Virtua.


Concurrent with the New Media Caucus panel Space: The New Frontier at the National CAA 2009, “@” is an exhibition that examines space and site.

With simultaneous locations in Los Angeles and Second Life (SL), “@”challenges artists to consider place & placelessness from within the context of networked culture.

The physical gallery space will be replicated within SL, featuring an actual window between the virtual and real worlds to observe and be observed.

The exhibition space will feature a floor-to-ceiling projection and a streaming video camera. This wall will serve as the interface between the Real Life (RL) in the gallery and its replication in Second Life.

The intent for “@” is to exploit the philosophically rich mirroring between RL and SL, as well as the paradoxical condition of being the observer and observed.


New Media Caucus Reception: for the Exhibition “@” With live cinema by Be Johnny and Potter-Belmar Labs

Time: 9:30PM Thursday February 26

Place: SCI-Arc

Address details:
SCI-Arc is located a short cab ride (3 miles) from the Convention Center, near Little Tokyo. The exhibit and panels are in the SCI-Arc’s W.M. Keck Lecture Hall, located in the near the center of the building.

SCI-Arc is located at 960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013, The building entrance and parking lot are located at 350 Merrick St, between 4th Street and Traction Avenue.


New Media Caucus Panel: “Space: The New Frontier”

In collaboration with the Southern California Institute of Architecture
Belinda Haikes, Virginia Commonwealth University

Time: 7PM

Place: To be determined

Robert Gero, Washington University
Peter Baldes, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jenn Figg, Virginia Commonwealth University
Panel abstract:

In 1946 the first photograph of the earth was sent back from outer space.
This moment in history, where technology allowed us to view beyond our
senses marks the transition to what has been dubbed the era of the
posthuman. This era, our era, is an era that like the Renaissance period
is built upon our changing conceptions of space. The Renaissance, with its
one point perspective created new perceptions for the work of art, and the
post human era, with its onmicient point of view creates new
understandings and problematizes ideas of space. It is through our
understanding of space that we can begin to understand the implications of
the limits and boundaries of our senses and our technologies. This panel
seeks to address how the change of our perceptions of space has been
influenced by technology and furthermore, how that change is affecting the
way we practice, create  and view the work of art. Whether an artist uses
Google earth or the spatial language of the video game, the art practice
has changed in the way it explores space through our technologies and as
such has changed our understanding of the phenomenal world.


Short Video Documentation

I made this very short 2 minute video about Becoming Dragon. I’m working on a much longer version, but this was for a show submission so it had to be short and to the point. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Becoming Dragon, 2 minute video documentation from azdel slade on Vimeo.


Two brief reviews of Becoming Dragon

Nice to get some positive feedback on my project…

While this review of Supersonic 2009 is harsh, the reviewer, an artist and arts administrator, had nice things to say about my piece, which I appreciate. Read the rest at

Supersonic 2009 - Micha Cardenas - Becoming Dragon - UCSD - detail

“Above – Micha Cardenas, UCSD, Becoming Dragon. This is described as “a mixed reality, durational performance in Second Life”. Cardenas’ is experimenting with a transitional experience in the virtual world that in a limited fashion mirrors her own transitional experience as someone undergoing hormone therapy as a percursor to sexual reassignment surgery. There has actually been some debate and argumentation about whether furries or other folks who identify more as animals, including fantastic animals, like dragons, should qualify for some kind of special rights status akin to the arguments made for the rights of transgendered individuals. Out of all of the projects at Supersonic, this struck me as the most mature, the most developed exploration of an idea, combined with action on the part of the artist.

Virtual Worlds and the art that occurs in them are still in their infancy, and this is probably the most interesting virtual world performance art/action that I’ve come across. ”

There’s one more brief review here with a hilarious JJ fad video too!


Visit the performance space in SL

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