working on my avatar and listening to love chemical chat

[16:16] Gia May: one source I see says phenethylamine is the lust chemical, and oxytocin is the love chemical [16:16] Chimera Cosmos: haha [16:16] Azdel Slade: ahh [16:16] Chimera Cosmos: it’s all framing [16:17] Chimera Cosmos: not scientific designation for sure [16:17] Chimera Cosmos: but they are both involved [16:17] Chimera Cosmos: ocytocin is involved in orgasm and arousal [16:17] Chimera Cosmos: and childbirth! [16:18] angelbeast Seerose is Offline [16:18] Chimera Cosmos: phenylethyl amine is more neurochemical
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1 Response to “working on my avatar and listening to love chemical chat”

  1. 1 j
    December 8, 2008 at 7:42 am

    super interesting, only a peak into the conversion on your blog though. would love to hear more. looks like i got a lot of ocytocin in my body. maybe i need more phenethylamine? gotta eat more chocolate! yes, i can most def do that. haha

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