more discussion of chemicals

[16:01] Azdel Slade: wheres the neurochemist here? [16:01] Azdel Slade: yes! maybe that one [16:01] Gia May: Oxytocin [16:01] Chimera Cosmos: no [16:01] Maniko Manamiko: chocolate [16:01] Maniko Manamiko: -_- [16:01] Azdel Slade: oxytocin? [16:02] Azdel Slade: is that the love chemical? [16:02] Orac 3.2: Please input your InChI, inchikey, or smi String [16:02] Azdel Slade: wait, gia, r u serious? [16:02] Chimera Cosmos: but that one is certainly important during the early phases of infatuation – oxy [16:03] Chimera Cosmos: maybe ethylene diamine? [16:03] echolalia Azalee: im full of love chemicals
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