day 3 reflection

i’m going to write a bit about my day now because so many amazing things happened, and i want to write about them while i remember them in detail. you can see a lot of this in the photos on my blog, but here’s a summary of some of it.

first the san diego city beat article came out today, and early in the morning a tgirl in dc saw it and teleported into my space in sl. she invited me to a lounge in sl for trans people. that has been so surprising and great, that so many trans people have come to talk to me. it makes me so happy and i hope they keep coming. a lot of trans people are stealth in sl because they can be, and i was for a while too, but obviously not any more.

right before the afternoon event mokoko took me to the Space Studies Institute, where they construct models in SL of real world space vehicles for space startups and test the physics of the vehicles using the virtual world. that is an amazing mixed reality performance.

in the afternoon sandy stone came to my space for an in world voice chat. its hard to summarize, because once we got the sound issues solved (i have to mute my mic after i talk for events like this in the future) the discussion was amazing. i am so honored that sandy came to my space, and we got into some great issues about the possibilities of gender, the relationship between gender and power, the daily reality of violence that gender nonconforming people face, the relationship between gender and species and transgender and transspecies, the tension betwen positionality and transition, language as mediation for the body and the constant variation of degrees of mediation, and so much more. it was amazing. thank you sandy.

later, anya gallacio and her partner showed up in world and we sat in relic for a while enjoying the scene, listening to the waves. Fau from Second Front came and did a wonderful performance of riding on my back! Angelbeast also took a turn riding me, which was great fun.

In the evening my brother teleported in from miami and we chatted. now that he knows how sl works he can show the rest of my family there my performance. we hung out in relic too. i’m really hoping that more people will share more great places in sl with me so i can share them with people as part of my performance.

the motion capture worked for a while today and the audience still gets to see the stereo projection, which is great. tonight we’re going to work more on getting stereo running in the hmd again. tech issues are a constant problem, though, of course. the head tracking keeps crashing my whole machine, which i’ve emailed emagin about and hope they can help with. the voice is an issue because i need more legibility sometimes, so i tweak it a lot.

i feel good. mostly me face is sore from the weight of the device. i need some small foam or fabric piece for my nose i think. the hard part now is when i take off the visor, my balance is not good. i’ve been eating regularly but one strange sensation i have is that i’m never very hungry. having this digital world in front of my eyes must keep my brain in attention mode, because i don’t feel hungry. i also haven’t had much down time for writing, but i’m sure that will come.

thank you to everyone who keeps visiting me. keep coming back.


1 Response to “day 3 reflection”

  1. 1 j
    December 4, 2008 at 7:18 am

    whoa, what an amazing day you have had. so many new places, friends, experiences. i’m so moved by your courage and sense of adventure. thank you for sharing your creative process.
    i love seeing what each day brings you ❤

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