talking about humanness, avatars and roleplay

Cora Heslop: I rp a bit as a nonverbal animal in a medieval sim, and used to rp a lot more as a dragon. [22:14] Doreen Garrigus: One of the first people I met in SL became a dragon shortly after I met him. [22:14] Azdel Slade: rp as a nonverbal animal is so wild [22:14] Azdel Slade: most rp is so verbal [22:14] Azdel Slade: what sim? Doreen Garrigus: Hmmm….Which sims have told you not to be a dragon? [22:17] Cora Heslop: Oddly, I’m finding people treat me much better as a cat than as a dragon..or even a human. [22:17] Azdel Slade: wow, interesting [22:17] Azdel Slade: oh, cyberpunk rp sims [22:17] Doreen Garrigus: I bet they do. You are beautiful but not sexual competition.
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1 Response to “talking about humanness, avatars and roleplay”

  1. December 8, 2008 at 3:32 am

    Geneko Here.

    Roleplaying as a cat. Huh, that must be weird, to play a character without saying anything.

    Wish I was there.

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