morning day 3, avatarism and place

morning, day 3 of becoming dragon.

yesterday was my first full day, i did over 12 hours in the hmd. i went to bed around 1am. the day was great, with visitors trickling in all day in rl and sl. my friends visited, from other cities, my brother stopped by but couldn’t really figure out how to use sl, sandy stone even popped in to get her audio settings set correctly.

i decided at the end of the evening to spend time relaxing in relic, and took lots of photos there. i think i’m going to spend a lot of time in relic and other good places in sl, so if you have favorite places, im them to me  or send me a landmark! i want to see more of sl’s amazing forests.

yesterday there were a lot of techincal difficulties, shall we say, with stereo only working on the projectio and not in the hmd and with the head tracking crashing my whole machine repeatedly. i’m not sure how to fix the crashing, so i’ll probably have to get used to it.

i had a great conversation about quadraped avatars, shamanism and avatar strategies people use, like looking  how they would like to, or looking like  themselves, or doing something totally fantastical.

rubaiyat shatner brought two of his classes by and i talked to them about the project. at one point i was talking about being in two places at once and he asked where i was, in which place, and i said i think i’m in both places, in the real world and in my head. but just as with identity, we think of ourselves in a certain way and then act in ways to become that, isn’t there a tension with place where we are in a place but our ideas of where we are shape that experience as well? or our emotional state puts in a different place than where we’re standing?

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