morning day 2, a beautiful opening and blurring reality already

It is day 2 of Becoming Dragon. The light from outside looks bluish, maybe its raining.

The opening was wonderful. I was so happy. The whole room was full of people. Mostly my friends, but also some people from calit2 and a few visarts people. I just couldn’t believe it worked. I’m still in shock that we got the stereoscopic code and the  motion capture working in the end. Setup was crazy, the computers had to go back to the place they were built and were supposed to arrive at 5pm. I thought it would be crazy to setup in 2 hours. The computers didn’t arrive until 6:30! So, in  emergency mode, we pulled another computer to run the vicon and I just setup my hmd on the new computer at the last minute. We had to start an hour late, but everyone was happy eating and drinking and looking at the prints (including bunny brickworks photo fo me!) and the 3D fabrication of the dragon avatar, I think. A few people left and didn’t see the performance, but oh well. I’ll try to get some pictures up soon.

I read poetry from my blog http://technotrannyslut.com about transition, becoming and hormones. Just click on the becomingdragon category there and you can read the poems. On the 5th I’ll be reading more at the event “Something is Happening”, a symposium on performance and affect here at ucsd.

I stayed up until 1am talking to people in the space, including Pyewazeki (sp?) who works on Stelarcs space in Second Life, and Onix Harbinger, one of the founders of the Isle of Wyrm.

Its so interesting, the way that people avoid voice and video chatting in favor of email. It seems like voice and video is too real. Most people in SL don’t even use voice. So there’s an interesting tension between me using voice in my performance and most people talking. When I have heard people talk back with voice, they sometimes sound uncomfortable.

There’s also a real feeling of mixed reality going on, because I’m often in two conversations at once. In a way, we do that all the time, IM’ing and talking to someone, or txt’ing and talking, but here, standing and talking to someone in RL and talking back with voice to someone in SL by name, it gets highlighted. I’m happy to see those layers emerging already. Blurring the lines of virtual and actual, reality and fantasy, is a real goal for me in the performance, that’s why we have the video feed into second life in the place where the second life feed is in the real room, and thats why we made 3d printouts, fabrications of the dragaon avatar, so the flow between virtual and actual goes both ways all the time. So far, even though there are crashes and imprecisions, its working nicely.
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