Some recent pics of me, Azdel Slade

Here are two snapshots I took today inside the awesome sculpture outside of Deviant Kitties. I think it’s a String Theory sculpture. I couldn’t decide which pose was better so I included both.


1 Response to “Some recent pics of me, Azdel Slade”

  1. 1 redfeatheredchicken
    December 13, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    i read your post 6 grrl interview. the quote below you said is fucking impressive. that’s some damn good sl work. your amazing. i hope that if you continue to work in sl you can explore this further and support the formation and expansion of a collective sex worker front.

    “When I hear guys make stupid remarks to women in the street, I like to unholster my gun and offer free castration services. One time a guy walked up and touched a friend of mine without asking first, and the only reason he’s still around is because she asked me not to do anything that might bring the MPD down on us.”

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